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"Energy is a limited resource upon which we all depend. Increasing the availability of clean and inexpensive fuels at a fair cost will strengthen the future of our Commonwealth."
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-Speaker Tom Finneran
Speaker Finneran has been a strong advocate of energy efficiency and conservation during his tenure in the Legislature.

Under Speaker Finneran's leadership, the House of Representatives passed the Energy Restructuring Act of 1997, which restructured the electricity industry in the Commonwealth to foster competition and to promote reduced electricity rates. The reforms have encouraged innovation, efficiency, and improved service from all market participants, and they have allowed the Commonwealth to save money on the cost of regulatory oversight. They have also provided significant savings of over a billion dollars since 1998 to electricity consumers, making our state more economically competitive for businesses and more livable for residents. This year, the House extended the energy efficiency surcharge established in that legislation. The surcharge has supported energy efficient investments including the installation of high efficiency lighting, the construction of high efficiency homes, and the retrofit of existing buildings. It has aided communities and businesses around the state, and it has saved customers over $1.8 billion on energy expenses. The House plan included funding for energy efficiency programs that improve system reliability, reduce harmful air emissions, and lower wholesale electric prices. The energy efficiency surcharge also makes energy efficiency programs available to customers who are unable to pay the cost of the new technologies. In addition, during the last year, Speaker Finneran attended a daylong roundtable "Cracker Barrel" bringing together energy companies, environmentalists, businesspeople, and government officials to discuss energy efficiency.

Tom Finneran remains committed to continuing the deregulation process and finding more ways to expand our supplies of clean and inexpensive fuels.

Voter Record: Energy
Support Oppose Bill # and Explanation Date
 #   Section 413 of H. 5300. This section of the Fiscal Year 2001 budget allocated funding for home energy assistance. House passed. (Y157 N0) 7/31/00
 #   Supplemental Appropriations to H. 5011. The amendment created a study on housing and the resources associated with providing energy to the housing. House passed. (Y154 N0) 2/15/00
 #   H. 5117. This bill reconstructed the electric utility industry by regulating the provision of electricity and other services and promoting consumer protection. House passed. (Y156 N3) 11/10/97
 #   H. 5791. This bill authorized the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to regulate the role of monopoly private utility companies in the manufacture, lease, sale, ownership or control of solar power systems. House passed. (Y83 N67) 5/06/80