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"Our challenge is to sustain the great progress our world renowned caregivers have achieved in improving quality health care for our children, our seniors, our families, and the needy."
 image of Tom Finneran and a phsician
-Speaker Tom Finneran
Massachusetts is home to world-renowned hospitals and doctors, and, over the past decade, the Legislature has increased access to quality, affordable health care for many of Massachusetts' residents. Access to care must be improved by making the state's health delivery system more efficient and responsive to the consumer. The Legislature has made great progress in reducing costs, increasing access, reversing tobacco usage, and ensuring quality of care, but there is still a long way to go.

Throughout his career, Speaker Finneran has been an advocate of health care improvement programs and grants, particularly in the area of science and technology modernization. Recently, he led the House in working to keep community hospitals open and providing incentives and support for community health centers, keeping added stress off emergency rooms. This, matched with ongoing efforts to promote, protect, and support registered nurses, has added to the House's efforts to sustain quality care. Speaker Finneran worked closely with the Heinz Philanthropic Foundation to establish the Prescription Advantage program, a first in the nation prescription drug program for Massachusetts' senior citizens and disabled to cushion the cost of prescription drugs. This program currently covers over 74,000 members. Under Tom Finneran's leadership, the House of Representatives has also put programs in place that detect and prevent birth defects; require parity in insurance coverage between the treatment of physical illness and mental health; increase accessibility to early detection of prostate, breast and cervical cancer; mandate insurance coverage of many cancer-related clinical trials; and expand our ability to care for our most needy citizens.

The Commonwealth is home to some of the world's finest medical institutions, and due to that, about 13% of Massachusetts' employment is heath-related. The state also has an enviable safety net for those who cannot afford medical care. Health care costs are a significant challenge in fostering a viable business climate in the Commonwealth. The Legislature continues to strive to find a balance to sustain the state's competitive business climate by keeping health care affordable and accessible for both the individual citizens and the businesses that call Massachusetts home.

Speaker Finneran is committed to continuing the Commonwealth's support of health care programs for the most needy to the greatest degree allowed by Massachusetts' fiscal situation while simultaneously working to reduce costs in order to keep the economy strong.

Voter Record: Healthcare
Support Oppose Bill # and Explanation Date
   # Amendment to H. 5100. This amendment would have reduced Mass Health benefits that supported member services at nursing homes and pharmacies. House rejected. (Y43 N107) 5/16/02
 #   H. 5050. The bill used the taxes collected from the sale of tobacco to expand health care access, reduce youth smoking and reduce the use of tobacco products. House passed. (Y124 N29) 5/01/02
 #   H. 4101. On passing item 4510-0710, of section 2 of the fiscal year 2002 budget, overriding the Governor's veto and therefore restoring funding for the Division of Health Care Quality. (Y85 N71) 12/5/01
 #   H. 4376. This bill mandates that insurance companies provide coverage for certain cancer clinical trials. House passed. (Y147 N0) 7/25/01
 #   H. 1946. This amendment to H. 1946 helped improve EMS responses to calls made by health care providers. House concurred. (Y155 N0) 3/8/00
 #   S. 2036. This bill creates parity between mental and physical illnesses with regard to Massachusetts benefits. (Y154 N0) 2/8/00
 #   H. 4525. This bill established a Patient's Bill of Rights. House passed. (Y154 N3) 7/8/99
 #   S. 1699 This bill provided low income uninsured and underinsured individuals in the Commonwealth with assistance in accessing health care. House passed. (Y149 N0) 5/22/97