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"An efficient, comprehensive transportation system is integral to Massachusetts' economic success. We must continue to maintain and develop our current system to serve the Commonwealth's residents."
 image of a Officer of the Peace with Tom Finneran
-Speaker Tom Finneran
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts maintains one of the nation's best transportation networks, spanning air, rail, road, and sea. In the past two years, the Legislature has made substantial progress in improving and reforming the Commonwealth's transportation infrastructure and support systems.

Under Tom Finneran's leadership, the House of Representatives enacted extensive reforms of both the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and the Massachusetts Port Authority. With the guidance of the Committee on Transportation, the Legislature expanded the membership of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority's board from three to five members and mandated that one of the members must be from the MetroWest area, providing increased stability and accountability within that body. In addition, the Legislature launched a commission to investigate and make recommendations for a better, more equitable way to fund the Mass Turnpike Authority, Mass Port Authority, and the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, while simultaneously directing the Mass Turnpike Authority to create a toll discount for frequent MassPike users who belong to the FastLane program. In response to the events of September 11, 2001, the Legislature also reformed the Massachusetts Port Authority, more commonly known as MassPort, by creating a security zone and mandating that all future appointments to the MassPort board must have clear professional qualifications for the position.

The House of Representatives also provided funding to improve the Commonwealth's infrastructure. In 2002, the Transportation Bond Bill included a wide variety of initiatives including funding for the Massachusetts Aeronautical Commission, Public Works Economic Development Grants, and additional guidance for the use of Chapter 90 construction funds. The bill also provided an additional $150 million in bonding authority to meet the needs of the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, showing a commitment to complete the Central Artery Project and to meet the funding gap caused by a cap on federal reimbursements to the Project imposed in 2000. The Legislature also made a number of important improvements to the Steamship Authority, including a reconfiguration of the Steamship Authority board to include voting memberships for Barnstable and New Bedford, with the stipulation that New Bedford will be responsible for a portion of any deficit incurred by any Authority service in the city's port.

Tom Finneran is committed to keeping the Commonwealth's transportation systems in top working condition, and he will continue to advocate responsible management of transportation networks.

Voter Record: Transportation
Support Oppose Bill # and Explanation Date
 #   S. 2245. This bill provided funding for transportation improvements throughout the Commonwealth. House passed. (Y138 N13) 7/31/02
 #   S. 2272. This bill established an accelerated transportation development and improvement program for the Commonwealth. House passed. (Y157 N0) 7/31/02
 #   H. 4401. This override of the Governor's veto of item 6000-0100 in section 2 of the fiscal year 2000 budget allocated funds for a study of the salaries of transportation related employees and the costs and details of projects being funded with state dollars. House passed. (Y134 N24) 11/17/99
 #   H. 4401. This override of the Governor's veto of item 6010-0001 in section 2 of the fiscal year 2000 budget provided funding for personnel services, emergency evacuation signs on Cape Cod, and specific repairs to streets in various cities and towns. House passed. (Y150 N8) 11/17/99
 #   H. 4877. This bill provided for an accelerated transportation development and improvement program for the Commonwealth. The funds were to be used to replace underground fuel tanks in the cities and towns and improve or reconstruct the necessary roads and ways in the cities and towns. House passed. (Y157 N0) 11/10/99